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Fathers Day Menu

Happy Hump Day all! I thought I would write a quick post today about the inspiration behind my Father's Day Menu and why Father's Day is especially important to the Tipsy Bakery.

My dad is a superhero. For those that do not know me on a personal level, I sadly lost my mum at the age of 22 and my dad raised my two sisters and I single-handedly. He attended school parents evenings on his own, clapped through my uni graduation, helped us through our teenage breakups, brought us a bacon sandwich in bed when we rolled in the night before a little too 'tipsy' and gave us the most normal life he could. But he also always supported and followed my dreams, and is the Tipsy Bakery's number one fan. He promotes my small business wherever he goes, showing the 'girls' at his WeightWatchers group my latest bakes.

And so he inspired some of my 2020 Fathers Day menu - Chocolate Orange Baileys has always been his firm favourite since the bakery began, Banoffee is one of his favourite desserts since he was a child, he doesn't like the smell or taste of a cup of coffee but will murder a Tiramisu, Guiness (and Chocolate) is the only beer he will drink, Black Forest was always my childhood favourite on a Sunday and who doesn't love a JD and Coke?

If you want to thank your Dad for everything he has done for you, why not treat him to a box of cupcakes? The Tipsy Bakery family is here to deliver to you and we all know that the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach! #fathersday

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