Biscoff and Salted Caramel Vodka Cakesicles

Biscoff and Salted Caramel Vodka Cakesicles

This flavour is so popular, we've put it on the menu!

Caramel sponge and biscoff biscuit pieces mixed with our vanilla buttercream.  Smothered in a smooth layer of white chocolate and finished with a shot of salted caramel vodka!

  • Allergens

    All cakesicles contain DAIRY. Until we can find a suitable alternative that meets the standards required, we are unable to offer dairy-free products.

    ALLERGENS: Milk, Cream, Butter, Gluten, Soya, Eggs, Nuts, Peanuts, Almonds & Flavourings, Suplhites. (Other allergens may be present in items bought from a source and not made on site).

    All products are baked and decorated in a home kitchen with a 5* FSA hygeine rating.  Although we will strive to prevent cross contamination, we can't guarantee traces won't transfer across during preparation. 

  • Prices

    Each box is £10, plus delivery

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