Big Cakes

We also create big cakes as part of our growing tipsy bakery range.  We want to create unique products to wow your guests and give you a celebration to remember!

We don't work with fondant or models - and as always; endeavour to make things as boozy as possible...

Giant Cupcake

A scaled-up version of our tipsy cupcakes - with a bottle of booze in place of the pipette!

These are based on our regular cupcake menu which can be found here.  But as you know; we can make anything - so if you have a specific colour, flavour or design combo in mind, let us know and we will work through a bespoke design together!

The giant cupcake sits inside a chocolate shell and on top of a hand-piped buttercream garden.  A standard topper is included in the price; which is £45.

Chargeable extras include different or extra toppers, handmade decorations (cakesicles/hearts), bottle(s) of booze and can be discussed upon enquiry.

Take a look at our gallery below!

Sheet Cakes

Looking for something totally unique? Look no further.

Our sheet cakes are designed with you in mind - totally customisable if you have a specific colour scheme, theme, or favourite booze in mind!

Sitting amongst a hand-piped buttercream garden is an XXL geometric heart.  The shell is made of chocolate and the inside is stuffed with your favourite sweet treat - cake, cookie dough, brownie, you name it! 

Nestled around it are miniatures of your chosen booze, plus smaller boozy geometric hearts, cakesicles, mini chocolate bars and other goodies!

Priced at £35, excluding the miniatures.

*We can also do empty shells to contain money, gender reveals etc on request

Brownie Stacks

The chocolate lover's alternative to a traditional birthday cake..

Brownie stacks are a tower of pull-apart heaven.  You can choose up to 2 different flavours from our regular menu, OR we can tailor make anything to include your favourite chocolate, booze or both!

Brownies are loaded as high as we dare and surrounded by chocs and/or fruits.  Each slice contains a pipette shot; and a personalised topper is also included upon request.

Priced at £40, excluding extras (detailed below).


Optional extras are:

Miniatures (enquire for prices)

Geo hearts/ cakesicles - £2.50 per piece

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are priced individually depending on customer requirements, but guide prices and serving sizes can be found below.  These are the sizes we work with (being most popular!) but please contact us if you require an alternative. All cakes are double height and contain 5 or 6 layers.

5" (14-18 servings) £65

6"  (16-20 servings) £75

7" (20-24 servings) £85

Guide price includes a basic 'Happy Birthday' topper and hand-piped buttercream garden board.

Chargeable additional extras include personalised toppers, booze, balloons and handmade decorations.

*Please note we do not work with American buttercream, fondant or model figures.  Cakes are iced with swiss merigue buttercream or chocolate ganache.

Baby Cakes

Aww! Our newest addition - Baby Cakes! Small enough to hold in one hand; these 4 inch miniature cakes are perfect for small celebrations.  Each cake provides 4-6 servings and make a great little present for someone who loves cake but doesn't have a whole lot of people to share one with!

Each cake is split into 3 layers and filled with our swiss meringue buttercream and/or another filling of your choice.  Cakes are created with you in mind; so give us some details and we will bring it to life!

Baby cakes are starting from £30.

Chargeable additional extras include toppers, miniatures balloons and handmade decorations.

*Please note we do not work with American buttercream, fondant or model figures.  Cakes are iced with swiss merigue buttercream or chocolate ganache.

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