Answering your FAQ's..

Q. Which areas do you deliver to?

A. We deliver to all DA postcodes, ME 1-8, TN15, TN16, BR5, BR7, BR8, SE2, SE9, SE18, SE28.

Q. What is the delivery charge?

A. Delivery is £5 for all ME postcodes, it is £3 for all other postcodes.

Q. Where can we collect from?

A. Collection is from DA7, Bexleyheath, any evening after 4pm.  We may be able to accomodate different collection times, please ask!

Q. What is Swiss Meringue Buttercream? Why do you use that?

A. Swiss meringue buttercream (or SMBC) is a super light, silky variety of buttercream originating in Switzerland.  It is much less sweet than American buttercream (the kind made with butter and icing sugar) and is far more superior in quality and taste.  It is more laborious to make and execute correctly but the results are so worth it.

Q. How long will my cupcakes last?

A. Your cupcakes will be fine in the fridge for up to 3 days after delivery.  You can also leave them in a cool cupboard, but no warmer than 21 degrees and out of direct sunlight, or they will melt.

Q. Should I keep them in the fridge?

A. If you have space, yes.  Otherwise a cupboard is fine, as long as its cool.  They taste best eaten at room temperature.

Q. Why can't you post them?

A.  Because we decorate with SMBC; it doesn't develop a 'crust' like it's American counterpart - therefore the cupcakes are much more fragile! One whack and they would be smeared over the inside of your box!  Currently we haven't found a suitable solution for the transport of our cupcakes.  However we have many postable products; including brownies, cake tubs, geometric hearts and cakesicles.

Q. Will I get drunk if I eat too many?

A. Each cupcake contains 4-5ml of alcohol (4ml of which is found inside it's shot topper!) so, it depends how many you can eat and how much of a lightweight you are!

Q. Can you cater for allergies and intolerances?

A. All products are baked in a kitchen handling nuts, milk, soya, wheat, eggs, gluten and sulphites; although every precaution is taken to prevent the cross contamination of products.  We can bake gluten free if requested and currently do not cater for vegans.

Q. Do you need an alcohol license to sell these?

A. Yes, I do! In the UK it is against the law to authorise the sale of alcohol to any person(s) under the age of 18, even if it just just 4ml inside a cupcake!

Q. My product looks a bit different to the image on the website?

A. We are constantly updating and improving our product designs - It may also be the case that some decorations or ingredients are not available and we have chosen something different.  All orders are handmade from scratch and we don't always remember to photograph our bakes before delivery!  For the most recent designs, follow us on insta: @the.tipsy.bakery

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