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We have some other, alternative products on our menu if you still haven't found something you like!  Take a look below.

Decorated Pizzas - £25
(OR double layer £32)

x8 slices of sweetness!  Customisable to any colour and flavour of your choice.  Comes with pipette shots included; chargeable extras detailed below.

Pizza base options:
- cookie
- brownie
- cake

Chargeable extras:

- Miniature booze from £2

- Personalised toppers from £1.50

Smash Hearts £25

Trending now: Smash hearts!  Made of chocolate; these hearts are broken with a little hammer to reveal the goodies inside.  

Our hearts come with sweeties, chocolates and homemade meringue kisses, but customers can also supply contents if requested - for example jewellery, perfume, money, keys!

Hearts are backless and come in a box nestled in shredded tissue.

Chargeable extras (for the box, or heart interior):

- chocolate covered strawberries from £8

- miniature booze from £2

- geometric hearts £2.50

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