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European Cup(Cake) 2020


Have you been involved in our Euro 2020 Cup(cake) competition? Even if you're not a football fan like me (in fact; this doesn't have much to do with football whatsoever aside from the fact it coincides with the Euros), still get involved!

Head over to our Facebook or Instagram - every other day, we have a face-off between 2 cupcake flavours. By process of elimination; we will determine the ultimate winner; the peoples favourite. This flavour will be on promo for the remaining weeks of July; priced at £5 for a box of 4*!

We are just over a week in so there's still time to vote for your favourite!

I love playing football. I'm not actually interested in watching and I don't support any team - but I play for Junior Reds Ladies Seniors as #2 and it's the best! We train on Thursday evenings and have matches on Sunday afternoons. We are so gutted our last season was cancelled with one game left due to coronavirus; we were 2nd in the league! But never mind, it's so much fun and I've met loads of great girls and made some lifelong friends. Here's a photo of us after one of the games we won last season. Miss you girls and I'm looking forward to being able to train and play again soon!

* collection only

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